Elinchrom Summer Offers


 For a limited time, our most popular Elinchrom lighting kits will come with free accessories.
The Deflector Set adds great versatility to any kit which includes softboxes, allowing them to be used in a similar way to beauty dishes. In the umbrella sets they can serve as an additional diffusion with standard reflectors. The set includes 4 deflectors and 2 rods.
The USB Module opens up the use of the free Elinchrom Skyport software. This not only allows for full control over all RX heads but includes studio set design and layout features and options for sharing setups with other users.
More information on the Skyport software is available on Elinchrom's website, click here.

Both the Deflector Set and the USB Module are unique to Elinchrom in the consumer studio flash range.

The Quadra 18cm Reflector gives 1 stop more light output compared to the standard reflector, great when you need the extra, and can also be used with umbrellas. With the 18cm 30°grid you have a highly controlled pool of light.

These offers will run from July 1st until September 30th.

These offers are available through all Elinchrom retailers. Find your nearest store here.


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